Telekomxchange Inc.

TX (transmission)

The act of uploading or sending data. Often the term “TX” is used on indicator lights on modems or network cards to indicate that data is flowing out of the device.
“Did you know that TX has over 42 definitions, from the state of Texas to Triethylamine Xylidine???”

“Business has truly become a team sport. A single rower has no chance against a four-person crew. Even with a full boat, if you are not all rowing together, you will lose the race. It’s the same with your company and endeavours continue to go it alone or collaborate and accelerate”



The goal of the Company is to be the leading force and location/Highway on the Internet. The largest community on the Internet creating and driving millions in Telekom Buying and Selling via
• Merchants -companies and individuals that sells tangible goods and services through alliances with TX
• Members–companies and individuals that sells intangible services and information through alliances with TX
• Partners–companies and individuals that provide intellectual, political, social or/and financial capital to TX
• The Vision of the Company consists of three components:

Objectives or Mission
Applied Futures

“The Company wants to be viewed as a networking/marketing and market precursor destination on the Internet for the advancement of IP and Mobility. Only in those terms we want to create our brand, but the Company does not seek to position itself under its own brand in any market”.

Only in those terms we want to create our brand, but the company does not seek to position itself under its own brand in any market” We are a market maker in the internet for goods, Telekom, services and know how. The ultimate road for a community where transaction, networking, marketing and selling of goods can take place in a mobile world!
Scenario: The Company is driven by a set of scenario as opposed to rigid strategic plans. Every aspect of the Company is designed to create agility, efficiency and resilience. The applied futures in which the company itself operates in determines the scenarios implemented.

Build asset value by acquiring Internet Distribution Rights to certain goods, services and know-how instead of pursuing revenue acquisition through the sale of basic Internet services
Develop alliances with quality companies in each of the markets in which the company plans to be active in as an Internet Market Maker who provides an existing pool of buyers, credibility and brand recognition and who share the company’s vision of the emerging Mobile/IP Marketplace.

Others oriented versus Self – Oriented: mass marketing is done one niche at time through established brands of the Company’s Members, Merchant and Mentors instead of attempting to establish a “Company Brand.
All new relationships Must Add Value to an Existing Relationships: No new alliance is entered into unless a specific latent demand in an existing alliance can be identified and estimated for the new alliance’s product, services, or information


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